Conduct on Kapelludden Camping & Cottages

Kapelludden is members in Swedish Camping Site Owners’ Association (SCR). This means that you must have a camping card (Camping key Europe) with year validity sticker to camp on the camp site. The card can be purchased through our website or for SEK150, or at check-in for SEK160. Read more about the card, benefits and discounts on

Car traffic allowed in the area at. 06:00 to 23:00. If you arrival later than 23:00 park youre car outside the area. The boom is closed at. 23:00 to 06:00. Some traffic with work vehicles may occur.

The speed limit for vehicles 20km/h.

Show consideration. There are many who live at the campsite and it is important to show respect towards your neighbors. Remember not to play loud music or drive more than necessary.

Silence should be observed at. 23:00 to 06:00.

Night guards patrolling the area at night during the high season. During the off-season guard can always be reached by telephone +46708-876 100. Guard must be strictly obeyed.

Power pole. For connection needed an EU adapter. Electrical cable between the access point and the mobile home must be in good condition and approved for outdoor use and for the appropriate amperage. This is the caravan or mobile home owner responsibility. All cables must be approved by the EU. The cable should be no longer than necessary when it involves large voltage drop. EU adapters are available for purchase at the reception.

Dogs must be kept on a leash and be walked outside the area. For all comfort, pick up after your dog!

Smoking is prohibited in all cabins, service and other houses! Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, think of the children and the animals!

Toilet waste. You empty your toilet waste in special rash in the service houses.

Barbecue may only be made in grill because of the fire danger. The ash left in the thin plate with the text GRILLKOL. Disposable barbecues are not allowed. Grills can be borrowed, limited number.

Fire safety. According to the fire safety regulation we are subject off, a safety distance of 4 meters held to adjacent camping unit. This is achieved by caravan/camper/tent placed 2 meters onto the land in every direction. The same Regulation also provides that there should be no more than one (1) unit per plot = caravan/camper + possible. awnings, and that only 1 (one) car may be parked on the property. The units that stands otherwise shall immediately if instructed to change lineup acc. above. If this is not done, the guest can be turned away from the campsite.

Larger tents devices is not allowed to put up larger tent devices such as party tents and military tents.

Parking. Only one car may be parked per plot. We have limited ability for parking extra cars. Contact reception for more details.

LPG and electrical equipment must be tested and approved according to regulations.

Car washing is not allowed on the campground

Diesel Works are not allowed to use.

To lease or rent out camping unit/Cottage secondly is not allowed.

Damage and loss of possessions is not responsible for the warden.

Damage to buildings, materials or property of other campers, or in breach of these regulations may be liable and reject from the area. In an eviction no refund and you are required to pay for the entire booked period.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Kapelludden Camping & Cottages.